Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Full Week of Teaching!

- Plein Air Workshop at Arcola Mills June 2008-

I like this photo, I think it's funny. I made everyone line up to do a study of a white building in light. We don't 'normally' stand in such an orderly fashion! The funny thing is that inside was big 'executive' board meeting going on inside, I wonder what they were thinking. . . .

It's snowing here in Minnesota and absolutely beautiful outside. This week was full of teaching! Monday and Tuesday I taught my regular weekly classes and Thursday and Friday I held a 2 day Still Life workshop. I am completely and fully inspired and impressed with the art spirit of the painters in the studio for those two days. There truly is an uplifting spirit being around others with the same passion as you. As a painter we spend much time alone at the easel, of coarse. I love my time alone with my paints and brushes but I am SO incredibly grateful to be able to share what I know so far in this journey as a painter with other inspiring artists. Painters are wonderful people to be around and as much as they say I give to them, I feel they give me more, it's an amazing circle of great inspiring energy. So here's to the people in my two day class for doing a great job and truly being there to become better painters, not just to 'make pretty pictures'! :)

Okay, so I know this is no longer summer. However, after the recent studio workshops, I was inspired to share photos of the 5 day summer 'plein air' workshop I teach every June on the St Croix at Arcola Mills.