Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"Superior Shores"
16x20 oil on linen
My latest work (well there is one currently in the works, not finished yet). I did this painting from a study I did Up North along the North Shore a couple years ago. Interesting how a field study can trigger one's memory so strong that it actually takes you back to the place again. A good friend just told me, memory makes you smart, I'd say I agree. The cool thing is that 2 years later the artistic ability is more refined and things I did not achieve then, I felt I did in this painting. I remember the dance of the flowers in the foreground, like a symphony swaying back and forth with the wind. Very musical!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

14x11 oil on linen panel
Although I painted this piece a couple weeks ago, I'm just now getting to posting it. This started out as my demo piece during my 2 day still life workshop but I ended up finishing on my own. I was struggling for a bit with trying to capture the brilliance in the red flowers but was determined enough to figure it out. Many times I find it's the problem surrounding what I think is problem that is actually the problem, whew! A mouth full. That did play a part in this painting but it was also the lack of chromacity in my usual palette that was causing some issues. I finally dug through my bucket of paints and found one that was called 'bright red'. :) That did the trick indeed! Do note, I used it sparingly and only at the end of the painting for the little exceptions!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"Crex Meadows In March"
8x10 oil on linen
We've had some unbelievably warm weather for March and as every painter that enjoys working from life out in the field knows, we all jump at the chance to get out whenever the winter breaks and we don't have to bundle in bibs, boots and carharts! Saturday was not quite as comfortable as Sunday (In fact we had a record high of 62 degrees on Sunday)
but still warmer than usual despite the high winds. The wind kept us in the truck 'car painting' but we were still out working from life and it felt great!
This is Saturday's attempt at capturing March's subtleties. Living and painting my entire life in the Midwest, we deal with our fair amount of subtle effects but I have to say that this was about as subtle as I've seen it get! Tough stuff, but really beautiful if you can just absorb it's quietness. Besides the swans and some Canadian geese, we were the only ones out enjoying Crex Meadows, an amazing place of really complete solitude.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Painting White

"White In Italian Pitcher"
20x16 Oil on Linen
Last week I went to the market to find some inspiration in the flower section and ended finding it in all the varieties and textures of white! I never quite know what I'll end up with until I'm standing there immersed in all the colors of flowers. This day it was white! A few years ago I found this old Italian pitcher at a second hand store and thought it would be perfect with this bunch of white.
I used the branch on the table to soften the painting and build some what of a circular composition bringing the eye back around. The one leaf touching the pitcher helps to connect the loose branch to the the pitcher supporting the design.
It's a fun challenge to paint this variety of whites in one painting, I find it very harmonious. I started off by building all my shadows, which were fairly cool compared to the lit areas of white. I'm always concentrating on my 'averages' in each mass before I start breaking in my subtleties. When I paint flowers, my goal is never to paint a literal interpretation of each little petal but rather respond with paint to the character of each flower's growth. I pay attention to their shapes, texture and color temperature compared to what's around them. The more I paint flowers, the more I realize that when I am working and struggling on correcting what I think to be INcorrect, it usually ends up being what's AROUND what I think is incorrect that's incorrect! Whew, ya still with me?? :) And when I fix it's neighboring color and value, I find my solution! Big reminder, everything is relative to it's surrounding neighbor color and value! So, with that said, here you have it, "White In Italian Pitcher"

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Summer Plein Air Workshops!

Summer Plein Air Workshops!
Now accepting registrations

Study and Paint along the beautiful and scenic St Croix River with Painter,
Kami Polzin

2 Workshops Offered
Intended, but not required, as a continuation of classes. These two, 3 day workshops are designed and divided up to be progressive. I'd like to stress that it is not 'required' that you take both, however those who do will work more advanced in August but both will be working on strengthening the basic elements of painting 'en plein'. Starting off in early June will give you the opportunity to use what you have learned and apply it in the first half of summer, then come back with intentional questions, and also to further add to your bank of information and yet again apply to your painting the remainder of the summer. At the June workshop, you will be given 'suggested' exercises to take home and paint on your own while studying 'en plein air'.

Registering for both sessions (6 total days), Tuition 545.00
or each class (3 days) 295.00 per class.
Registration details are posted on my web site
spaces are limited and are on a 'first come first serve basis'

Class Description:
We will be getting down to the ‘nuts and bolts’ of structuring and designing your work in a simplified manor to emphasize your idea and inspiration.

My teaching is designed and focuses around the basic and necessary elements of - design and composition, value, and color temperature relationships, to build a painting ‘en Plein Air’. The emphasis will be how to simplify and organize your masses in one cohesive statement and also to build a clearer understanding of the light effect at hand.

Working from life is a crucial element of painting whether in the studio or in the field. The knowledge gained working directly from nature is invaluable!

Each 3 days will include demonstrations, discussion, painting exercises, and plenty of time to paint with individual easel critiques. These 3 Day Painting workshops will give you the opportunity to completely engross yourself in solid painting and study time along the banks of the wild and scenic St Croix River.

For any questions please contact me. I look forward to painting with you!

Warmly, Kami

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pictures of this past weekend's Workshop!

These are some pictures from this past weekend's 2 day still life workshop. The painters did an excellent job! It's always such a privilege to have the chance to spend 2 full days painting with other artists. There's always something so cool about having the 2 solid days, it goes by so fast, too fast!
The weekend started off at 9:00 Saturday morning. I did 3 hour demonstration and talk. After a lunch break everyone set up and got started on composing their piece and getting their darks started. Sunday they came fresh and ready to paint all day, 9:00-4:00. Thanks to all those who were there! It was a privilege to paint with you!

Monday, March 1, 2010

"A Quiet Place"
This is my latest studio work done from a field study I had painted 2 summers ago from the Lake Elmo Park reserve in MN. I'm very drawn to painting the lily ponds around the area I live and grew up, it feels really comfortable painting these areas and it's always challenging to explore them further. I love all the delicate degree of differences in the lily pads, and the reflections in these rich dark water holes.