Sunday, March 7, 2010

Summer Plein Air Workshops!

Summer Plein Air Workshops!
Now accepting registrations

Study and Paint along the beautiful and scenic St Croix River with Painter,
Kami Polzin

2 Workshops Offered
Intended, but not required, as a continuation of classes. These two, 3 day workshops are designed and divided up to be progressive. I'd like to stress that it is not 'required' that you take both, however those who do will work more advanced in August but both will be working on strengthening the basic elements of painting 'en plein'. Starting off in early June will give you the opportunity to use what you have learned and apply it in the first half of summer, then come back with intentional questions, and also to further add to your bank of information and yet again apply to your painting the remainder of the summer. At the June workshop, you will be given 'suggested' exercises to take home and paint on your own while studying 'en plein air'.

Registering for both sessions (6 total days), Tuition 545.00
or each class (3 days) 295.00 per class.
Registration details are posted on my web site
spaces are limited and are on a 'first come first serve basis'

Class Description:
We will be getting down to the ‘nuts and bolts’ of structuring and designing your work in a simplified manor to emphasize your idea and inspiration.

My teaching is designed and focuses around the basic and necessary elements of - design and composition, value, and color temperature relationships, to build a painting ‘en Plein Air’. The emphasis will be how to simplify and organize your masses in one cohesive statement and also to build a clearer understanding of the light effect at hand.

Working from life is a crucial element of painting whether in the studio or in the field. The knowledge gained working directly from nature is invaluable!

Each 3 days will include demonstrations, discussion, painting exercises, and plenty of time to paint with individual easel critiques. These 3 Day Painting workshops will give you the opportunity to completely engross yourself in solid painting and study time along the banks of the wild and scenic St Croix River.

For any questions please contact me. I look forward to painting with you!

Warmly, Kami

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