Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My week on Madeline Island, 2013.

"Dusk At Bear Pond"
8x10 oil (sold)

"Evening At Bear Pond"
10x8 oil

"Island Wetlands"
8x10 oil

"Madeline Island State Park"
8x10 oil

"Lagoon Shoreline"

"Madeline Moment"
8x10 oil (sold)

I just returned home from eight days on Madeline Island painting, resting, and I guess 'retreating'.  :)  Oh, almost forgot to mention collecting sea glass!  There's something very therapeutic about walking along a quiet beach finding little treasures, makes me feel like a kid.  The weather was a little wet and cool, but I didn't mind.  It created an even more serene quality to my week and the scenes I was capturing with paint, quiet subtleties.  
I remember seeing a program on Mary Whyte a few years back (an incredible water color painter from Charleston) and was so inspired by her as an artist and a woman.  The story was about her carving out time each year to rent a little house in the middle of nowhere to be alone and completely engrossing herself in her painting with no other distractions.  I love my life and am so grateful for all that makes it full, but I will tell you, I feel so recharged and inspired by getting away and having time alone with no other distractions.  I had a few people tell me how lucky I was to be able to do that, but it really has nothing to do with luck.  I made it happen!  Now I'm back home and everyone survived without me and are even more appreciative for me.  It's kinda nice.  :)   
The top 2 pieces which I titled 'bear pond' were painted two consecutive evenings at the same time with completely different light effects, so interesting.  I guess the second one might have been a little bit earlier, but it was close.  Sun was just down on both accounts.  Notice that if the sky is warm then the land is cooler, if the sky is cooler than the land is warmer.  Same exact scene, totally different paintings!    Making "much out of little, not little out of much" right?  (Hawthorne)  I could paint that simple little pond every day!  Lucky for me the next night I was NOT painting that sweet little pond, because while I was safely inside looking out there wandered HUGE black bear slowly moving across the meadow from the pond.  Hence the title, Bear Pond.  
At least a couple of these paintings I plan to make into large studio pieces.  This trip was just what I needed for a break and renewed inspiration!  Now it's time to paint the St Croix Valley, so lush and green right now!