Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January 12, full day painting Demonstration

Last Saturday I hosted a painting demonstration at my studio.  I had a very good turn out with lots of painters, some collectors and even a writer!  

It was a full house!  I started the day off with a discussion on how I came up with my concept for my large studio piece (20x24).  You can see to my left I have my Mac set up with a photograph of the scene, on the far easel on the right is my 16x20 plein air piece, and in the studio I came up with a small 6x8 color study to try and improve my composition and color in the 20x24 studio piece, that was the plan anyway!

I get started on a piece of C12 linen mounted on gator board, oil primed.  I begin moving a thin washy layer of transparent oxide red mixed with turps.  

After I play with the drawing a bit I always wipe it out to tone the canvas.

In this phase I'm still moving pretty freely but I'm more deliberate with my drawing and division of shapes.  Still in a transparent oxide wash until I like the drawing.  

I wish I had more photos of the stages of developing the painting but this is what I have.  You can see here my shapes are pretty much in.  If you were at my demo you would see me in this phase using my papertowel to clean up negative shapes until I'm happy with the drawing.

The color on this photo is not correct, it's not nearly as yellow but you can see how I start laying in color.

I move all around the canvas pretty quickly covering all large masses in averages.  

This is a close up of my green pools, they move from temperature to temperature.  

A close of my sky holes in the trees.  

A close up of the temperature notes as they move away into the distance.  

Very attentive onlookers!  

My 6x8 studio color study in hopes to achieve this same light in a larger version!

The final finished demo!  20x24, painted January 12, 2013.  
Thanks to all the 26 people who spent the day with me!