Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Painting Arizona - Tuscan, Tubac 2013

Last week I was in AZ for the AWA show, American Woman Artist show in Tubac, one hour South of Tuscan.  I flew in on Halloween where I met friend and painter Kim Casebeer to paint in between events.  We had scouted out our painting location the evening before in Catalina State Park to save time Thursday morning.  We were both just about set up when I realized I did not have the right quick release for my tripod!!  :(  boooo!!!  In case you don't know what that is, it's the piece of hardware connected to my paintbox that connects the tripod to the box.  Without it there is not a way to secure the box.  Kim was already set up and the light was fantastic.  I quick called her to let her know what was happening and decided to go back to the parking lot, find a picnic table and make the best of what the situation was.  Hard to not get to crabby when you travel all the way from MN to AZ to paint, have perfect fleeting light and find this out.  But, like I always tell my students "no excuses!".  So, I made a painting!  

My set up!  I was canopied by the trees so couldn't see the tops of the mountains so zoomed in on what I could see, trees!  

"Morning At The Catalinas"
8x10 oil 
'my little plein air study from sitting at the picnic table making the most of the situation'
It was an interesting study of light.  It was really interesting to note the differences between the mountain area in the back to the warmth in the trees in front.  It's all 'relative!'  
 Luckily by the next painting we had gotten a hold of a painter that lived in the area (Carol Sweeney) and she borrowed me her soltek easel for the day so I could stand and paint.  Thank you Carol!  We went back to the same place to try and catch the mid day light.  Funny enough, we ended up both standing under the trees where the picnic tables were because it was too hot to paint without shade over us, and in the desert there is not a lot of shaded areas.  
The 'start' above is how I started my next painting, blocked in washes of color  . . .

"Last Light Near Tubac"
11x14 oil 
After the opening at the K.Newby gallery, we ran out quick to catch Friday's light fleeting quickly!  this study was done in about 45 minutes, if that. . . 

"Tuscan Sundown"
6x10 oil
(last little study from Thursday night, light went fast!)

(me painting Friday evening after opening exhibition)

Saturday we were to paint at the Sonora Desert Museum, an incredible place near Tuscan.  The quick paint was 9:00-11:00.  
my quick draw in action

"Desert Gold"
8x10 oil (sold wet at the museum)
It was a very quick, refreshing, inspiring, and productive painting trip!