Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Day 2, 'Roming'

Day 2:  What's a day without an interesting start!?  Feeling very on top of things, I had organized and purchased a tour to the Vatican Museum and the Sistine Chapel scheduled at Noon, to arrive one hour early, 11:00.  Great, had plans to get up early, eat the perfect and relaxing breakfast, most excited for my cappuccino!  I woke up, looked at my iPhone, it must be wrong. . .looked at Paige's iPhone, must be wrong too!!!  Looked at watch. . . we slept 'till 1:09 in the afternoon!!!!!  No joke!  Overslept, ran downstairs to the front desk to see if they could call and try and explain and re arrange something, they could not get through.  Hair wet, we ran out to catch a taxi, forgot my wallet, started going back to the hotel to get wallet, realized I didn't forget my wallet, turned cab around and was dropped off in front of the Vatican.  Awe, now what?  We ignored the mile long line wrapped around and down the street and went to the front gate where the big Italian guard seemed to be letting in a 'select few', we sneaked up and very much to my surprise he let us in.  Okay, now what. . .lines, more lines and more lines.  Can't imagine being one that waited outside. . . .

Lines. . .

 . . worth it!


my neck hurt from just LOOKING  at these amazing pieces of art!

yup, unbelievable for sure!

Sistine Chapel. . come on Michelangelo!!  

A little walk  . . . 

You say 15 euro for 1 scarf??  How about 10 euro for 3!!  Okay!  Paige was impressed with her Mama's hidden skill for dealin'!  

the entrance of the St Peter's Basilica, no lines, benefit of oversleeping to afternoon!

AND perfect timing!  Check out this light!

Quite certain this was one of the most beautiful sights I've seen . . . .

not a place to rest the eye, it's ALL beautiful, can't even look down at the floor, IT'S beautiful too!

for real!

they mean business, in color!  :)

time for more gelato!

time for a rest

When In Rome. . . .

Day 1:  Tuesday, Arrived in Rome!  After traveling from MPLS to Chicago to the Fiumincino airport, then taking the "Leonardo Express" train to the Termini station, we trudged with 6 pieces of luggage (most of which was carrying painting supplies) to our hotel.  Yes, exhausting!  But we made it and we're in Rome!  Paige naturally came down with a nasty head cold the day before we left and is toughing it out,  we took a good nap when we finally got checked in.  Against her will, I woke her and fed her a Coke and  headed to see the Colosseum!  I think for a 13 year old the intensity and business of the streets of Rome can be a bit overwhelming the first time, but I love it!  She's getting acclimated.
The Colosseum from inside

Arch of Constantine, looking down from the Colosseum.  

Same view as above, Me and Paige


Ahhh, gelato!  Gelato #1, caramel.  Gelato #2, chocolate, Gelato#3 Blanco Chocolate, Gelato #4 Lemon, to be continued. . . . . 

Eat Italian, 'volontieri!' 

A stroll home. . . back to the hotel, Buena Notte!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Thoughts On Art

My own personal insight from a Painter and a Mother.
I've thought the past few days about what it is to be an artist, and all the elements that come to play in the creation and outcome of a painting, or any piece of art work.  There are the obvious of study, discipline, fundamentals of our craft, and 'expression' or 'vision' through the eyes of the artist.  But, there is something greater that makes our work authentic and unique.  This would be our life's experiences.  We have all had, and have, our own unique set of blessings, and blessings that come in the form of challenges in our lives. It's not the number of challenges or experiences we've had, it's what we do with them that counts!  I see these life experiences as richness to the soul, and for an artist, it cannot be denied that this richness will come through in our work which in return will bring a higher quality of expression through our paint that is not possible for anyone else but that artist to achieve.  This is art, the artist's efforts and experiences and exact intersection of time through paint with emotion!  If the same painting that was painted today was painted tomorrow, it would be a completely different piece of work.  This is one of the many beauties and mysteries of Art that keeps us eternally fascinated and drawn to create and /or be surrounded in other's creations.  
By simply being who we are, our work will be honest and authentic, and move others beyond belief. When an artist is honestly painting and not searching for a better method or 'style', their work will touch others just because it's their own!  Along with the constant study of improving and hopefully someday Mastering our craft, bringing what we are to the canvas is ingredients for art on the highest level.  Thinking about the part of me that is a mother definitely affects the outcome of my work.  If I weren't a mother, I wonder what my paintings would look like??  Can't imagine . . . .  might be more of them, but I can bet they wouldn't have as much heart!  So no matter what your experiences are, mother, father, sister, brother, son daughter, friend. . . . .Know that it is an important part of who you are, and it's beautiful!  So let it come through in your work!  

We leave Monday for our trip through Italy.  Please watch my blog as I'll be posting daily!
Ciao for Now!

"Fresh Cut Lilacs"
14x14 oil on linen

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Last Of April's Plein Air

 Early Greens
10x8 oil on linen
"April Evening At The Boom Site"
6x8 oil on linen

April has come and gone and now it's May!  It's been a busy month with finishing up my semester of teaching four different weekly classes.  In between teaching I tried to get out on location and paint as much as possible.  These are two pieces I did the last week of April 'en plein air'.  The top piece was done at my family farm.  I was attracted to the wispy-ness of the early spring greens and focused on my edges in this piece to achieve the sense of early spring.  I love how the edges of these trees meld into the sky!
The second piece was painted along the banks of the St Croix one evening.  The light effect was quite fleeting so I kept the piece small to get it covered and capture the light at hand.  I loved the luminous quality of the light on the water.  It's the subtle temperature shifts in the water that help to capture this effect.  Warm really has a hard time existing without a cool next to it.  
I'll be leaving for Italy in a week where I'll be spending 2 weeks traveling through Rome and Florence with my daughter Paige. I'll end up in Tuscany for 8 days where I'll be teaching a plein air workshop.  My plan is to blog during the trip, so stay tuned!  Until then, happy creating!