Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Day 2, 'Roming'

Day 2:  What's a day without an interesting start!?  Feeling very on top of things, I had organized and purchased a tour to the Vatican Museum and the Sistine Chapel scheduled at Noon, to arrive one hour early, 11:00.  Great, had plans to get up early, eat the perfect and relaxing breakfast, most excited for my cappuccino!  I woke up, looked at my iPhone, it must be wrong. . .looked at Paige's iPhone, must be wrong too!!!  Looked at watch. . . we slept 'till 1:09 in the afternoon!!!!!  No joke!  Overslept, ran downstairs to the front desk to see if they could call and try and explain and re arrange something, they could not get through.  Hair wet, we ran out to catch a taxi, forgot my wallet, started going back to the hotel to get wallet, realized I didn't forget my wallet, turned cab around and was dropped off in front of the Vatican.  Awe, now what?  We ignored the mile long line wrapped around and down the street and went to the front gate where the big Italian guard seemed to be letting in a 'select few', we sneaked up and very much to my surprise he let us in.  Okay, now what. . .lines, more lines and more lines.  Can't imagine being one that waited outside. . . .

Lines. . .

 . . worth it!


my neck hurt from just LOOKING  at these amazing pieces of art!

yup, unbelievable for sure!

Sistine Chapel. . come on Michelangelo!!  

A little walk  . . . 

You say 15 euro for 1 scarf??  How about 10 euro for 3!!  Okay!  Paige was impressed with her Mama's hidden skill for dealin'!  

the entrance of the St Peter's Basilica, no lines, benefit of oversleeping to afternoon!

AND perfect timing!  Check out this light!

Quite certain this was one of the most beautiful sights I've seen . . . .

not a place to rest the eye, it's ALL beautiful, can't even look down at the floor, IT'S beautiful too!

for real!

they mean business, in color!  :)

time for more gelato!

time for a rest


Stacy said...

ohhh, brings back very good memories of our visit in 2006 (Jackie, me and dad went). And I think we ate about a gallon of gelato a day! have fun!

Marc R. Hanson said...

Special... but the last photo of Paige is priceless! I'm so happy for you two that you are experiencing this together as mother and daughter. That's more valuable than priceless. Be safe and enjoy Italia!!! Ciao'.

Kami Polzin said...

Hi Stacy, that's right! I forgot you guys had gone, so wonderful to have those memories. That's what we have now, memories :)

Kami Polzin said...

I know Marc! Don't you just LOVE that shot of Paige!? I do, she's getting so grown up and beautiful. Wonderful memories for her and I now