Wednesday, May 16, 2012

When In Rome. . . .

Day 1:  Tuesday, Arrived in Rome!  After traveling from MPLS to Chicago to the Fiumincino airport, then taking the "Leonardo Express" train to the Termini station, we trudged with 6 pieces of luggage (most of which was carrying painting supplies) to our hotel.  Yes, exhausting!  But we made it and we're in Rome!  Paige naturally came down with a nasty head cold the day before we left and is toughing it out,  we took a good nap when we finally got checked in.  Against her will, I woke her and fed her a Coke and  headed to see the Colosseum!  I think for a 13 year old the intensity and business of the streets of Rome can be a bit overwhelming the first time, but I love it!  She's getting acclimated.
The Colosseum from inside

Arch of Constantine, looking down from the Colosseum.  

Same view as above, Me and Paige


Ahhh, gelato!  Gelato #1, caramel.  Gelato #2, chocolate, Gelato#3 Blanco Chocolate, Gelato #4 Lemon, to be continued. . . . . 

Eat Italian, 'volontieri!' 

A stroll home. . . back to the hotel, Buena Notte!

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