Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"Superior Shores"
16x20 oil on linen
My latest work (well there is one currently in the works, not finished yet). I did this painting from a study I did Up North along the North Shore a couple years ago. Interesting how a field study can trigger one's memory so strong that it actually takes you back to the place again. A good friend just told me, memory makes you smart, I'd say I agree. The cool thing is that 2 years later the artistic ability is more refined and things I did not achieve then, I felt I did in this painting. I remember the dance of the flowers in the foreground, like a symphony swaying back and forth with the wind. Very musical!


AnnG said...

That is up near where my folks live. They live near Lake Superior in Duluth. Very nice painting, by the way, I really love the flowers in the foreground!

Kami Polzin said...

Thanks Ann! It's so beautiful up there. The air is just so crisp and fresh, I really love painting that area. How fortunate to have your parents in Duluth!

I had fun with the foreground, love the was those flowers dance! Happy Painting!