Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy Holidays!

"A Path For A Poet"
Oil On Linen 11x14

This is a piece I did for a friend who, you guessed it, is a Poet! He and his friend go on a 50 mile hike each summer along the North Shore in Northern Minnesota. It was important to him to have this painting done as a surprise for his hiking pal as a gift. It was fun to play with all the textures in the grasses and the depth of the darks.
Happy Holidays!
Well, the last time I checked in was November. Time does fly! December always seems to just zip by with all the holiday excitement. It's such a magical time with kids!
It's been a busy month in the studio finishing up classes for the semester and finishing a couple studio pieces I've been working on for a while now. I love this time of year for fresh starts and new goals ahead for my painting! January is now one of my favorite months. I seem to get quite a bit of painting done and am REALLY looking forward to it!


Marc R. Hanson said...

Hello... January has become my 'fav' month in recent years. Especially when it comes to painting in January along the river!!! ;-)

As you already know, this one of yours hit me immediately as being full of mood and rich color, and is a 'fav' painting of mine. Looks even Better in IRL. Great job!


Ben Bauer said...

I would agree with marc about the mood, felt like that region first time I had seen it. Sweet!