Monday, May 25, 2009

8x6 Oil On Linen Board
The lilacs are in full bloom and fragrant here in Minnesota! I love the lilacs and couldn't resist painting these in my front yard yesterday. I might try the white ones today. . . . :)


Marc R. Hanson said...

A beautiful rendering of May lilaca's! ;-) I'm very, very happy that you were out painting yesterday. A good sign of the things to come. The sensitivity to the softness of the texture of the lilacs and their color is what i like most about this. It feels much larger than an 8x6 inch format. I'm looking forward to the next one!

Kami Polzin said...

Thanks Marc! :) They really are a delicate flower. They deserve to be painted 'sensitively'. SO many subtle colors within them, always amazing.

Erik said...

I'm usually not a fan of flower paintings but I really like this one. Love the light filtering through the petals. I have a book about artwork of a Bugs live, an animated Pixar movie and there are some pages about translucency of leaves. This painting reminds me of that.

Gary Keimig said...

Very nice kami. Your color and value changes through the petals are exquisite and make this painting sing.

Kami Polzin said...

Thanks Erik! It's funny, I think flowers are more difficult to paint than they look. I always think I'll just 'quick paint these flowers . . . ' It always takes me longer to paint than I think it will but end up determined enough to figure it out.
PS I love that movie "A Bug's Life"! Great animation, I don't know how you guys do that! :)

Kami Polzin said...

Thanks Gary! LOTS of petals on those Lilacs! and to think at first I thought they were just violet. . . tee hee.
Happy Painting! Kami