Sunday, August 9, 2009

"Rhythmic Tranquility"

"Rhythmic Tranquility"
18x24 Oil On Primed Board
"Beauty in art is the delicious notes of color one against the other. It is just as fine as music and it is just the same thing, one tone in relation to another tone. Real sentiment in art comes as it does in music from the way one tone comes against another independently of the literary quality of the subject - the way spots of color come together produces painting. . . . . . There are just so many tones in music and just so many colors but it's the beautiful combination that makes a masterpiece." taken from Hawthorne On Painting
I pulled this quote from Hawthorne because it was where my head was when I did this piece. This painting has a bit of a story. This painting was initially inspired back in June when I was sitting at a Jorja Fleezanis concert during the White Pine Festival. The music was so incredibly and emotionally moving that I closed my eyes, almost as if I couldn't take in anything else other than the power of her music. To my surprise when I closed my eyes I saw brilliant colors floating on water, water lilies. It was clear and colorful! Nothing quite like this had ever happened to me so clearly before, to say the least it was a very musical painting I was seeing brought on by the music.
The following week I went out to the lily pond at my Dad's and did a color study for this painting. I went out with only notes of color in mind, responding to what my initial responce was to the color (before allowing it to process and kill the color) and ended up with enough information for my new found inspiration, this piece. :)


Marc R. Hanson said...

This is a gorgeous painting. The description of your experience is beautifully written. Both the painting and the inspiration behind the concept is the essence of what it art is about. Well done Kami. :-)

MaryAnn Cleary said...

Beautiful, Kami! I can hear the notes ;-).

Kathie said...

Truley a beautiful painting Kami

Kami Polzin said...

Thanks Kathie!

susan hong-sammons said...

really an exceptionally lovely painting. Thanks for sharing your inspiration and thought process.