Saturday, January 16, 2010

January Car Painting

One of my favorite times to paint outside is January. I find great harmony in winter painting and working directly from life is so much easier than working in the studio, with of coarse the exception of enduring the elements. It's COLD! So, car painting is a great option for those of us living in this part of the country. Not to say that I never stand outside in winter and paint, there are just some places you can't get to from a vehicle, but a quiet county road provides a great place to pull over and do a painting from the comfort of a car.
This past week I went painting with Marc. We thought it would be interesting to show two different interpretations of the same place, same time, same light. When we paint together, we intentionally do not look at what the other is painting until we are finished with our work. This day in particular was very interesting working in two different mediums. Our color is quite similar, which seems to often be the case. It's fun to see the different compositions.
" January Light"
Oil On Linen 8x10 Kami Polzin
Me car painting. I am using my Easy L Classic on my lap, it's perfect for painting in the car. I love that box! I'm painting with a fairly limited palette. A jacket in the window makes a good sun shade. :)

Marc's gouache. 5x7 A little jem!

Marc Hanson "gouach'ing" :) His stearing wheel and a heavy duty clamp serves as a great easel!

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