Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fresh From the Easel

"Current Of The 'Croix"
20x30 oil on linen
I just finished this painting in my studio and will be going to my show Dec. 4th in Marine on The St Croix, home. If you've followed my work, you've probably noticed I have a profound love for this river I've grown up near and am constantly curious to paint and try to understand. As I paint the river, I become more and more amazed at it's energy and power - yet peaceful and calming manner. This particular view is from a dear friends house nestled up in the bluffs and pines, this is literally her back yard! Just incredible! I used a small study I did a year ago to work from for this piece. I've painted this view in the past but until this piece, have not yet painted in the one last Great White Pine that does in fact still stand on the WI side of the river, so it's kinda fun to see it there standing so proud above the tree tops. I often times imagine what this valley was like when the White Pines were untouched . . .I'm sure it was an incredible sight!
"Spoon Lake"
16x20 oil on canvas
A sweet little connection of lakes 15 miles from my home is where I painted this charming little pond this October. I used my field study (8x10) to paint this studio piece. It's astounding how much information you can get not only in your painting but in your head from working from life. I had forgotten to take a photo when I was out this day so completely relied on my study to paint this piece. I was too busy visiting my new little friends who were spending the day catching supper for their families. :) 3 young boys hung out with me for a few hours while they pulled in one fish after another. It made me happy to see them doing JUST what kids should be doing on a day like that, enjoying being a kid!


Marc R. Hanson said...

Both rich paintings Kami. That view from the shore in Marine continues to grow for you. I love the old white pine. :)

Spoon Lake has some memories for me too. I think it's a very European looking piece. Nice work, it's good to see your work again.

Jesus Estevez said...

The last three paintings are fabulous,they are beautiful and simple, I like that.

Kami Polzin said...

Thank you Marc and Jesus. . I'm a bit behind on my blogging . . . busy with the show, thanks for posting!!