Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Moonlight Bay Memory

"Moonlight Bay Memory"  11x14 oil on linen panel
Last week I painted for a local television channel for a show called 'Local Artisans'.  I've done this several times over the past few years and its always fun and a good experience.  This piece is what I did as my demonstration painting.  I have one hour unedited to start and finish a painting during the filming so I usually and chose to paint something with strong shapes to keep the structure simplified.  Even with a good plan prepared an hour is still pretty fast for me to paint an 11x14.  I used a photo I had taken of the original plein air piece that I did in Door County last summer.  The painting sold at the event so the best I had was my memory and a photo of the painting.  Here is the end result! 


Marian Fortunati said...

What a great experience!! And it looks like you did a fine job too.

Do you get a lot of people contacting you after you are featured on a show like that??

F. Serrano said...

I love mood and you really captured it in this piece successfully!