Monday, August 27, 2012

MISA, My 5 Day Plein Air Workshop

This summer has certainly had many memorable moments, but at the top of the list was my past week teaching on Madeline Island at the Madeline Island School Of Art, MISA!  Madeline Island is just off the shore of Bayfield WI where you have to take a ferry to get on the island.  I've taught in so many amazing places but there is just something about being on an island that really helps to leave the rest of the world behind and become completely engrossed with painting.  
In the evenings I would go out and paint and invite the class to either watch me paint or paint along.  This evening was on the ferry docks where people ferry their vehicles over from Bayfield to the Island.  The 'plan' this night was to paint the sunset but when I turned around and saw the 'Beach Club" wrapped in a blanket of warm sunlight I couldn't resist all the amazing shapes and went for it!  
Glad I did!
The Club House piece

Early mornings were incredible . . . .

We were out before the sunrise, and just as the sun peeked over the horizon, the sky also turned dark and started storming, this photo was taken with my iphone, completed unedited, 
this was the color, no joke!

The school has incredible painting grounds blanketed with flower filled meadows and trees that recess in layers and upon layers. Truly a painters heaven everywhere you turn!

Not to mention all the charming farm house and out buildings!

Me doing what I do, paint!  And at sunrise no less (those who know me well would be truly amazed at the fact I was up that early!)  But look!  Who wouldn't be!!?  Ya know when I'm out painting, I realize and am reminded why I paint, there really is no place else I'd rather be and I feel pretty fortunate that I am a painter!

Here are the troopers going in for yup, breakfast!  Already got a painting in by 7:30 am and then heading back out!  

Me and The gang, we clean up well!  

The grounds are covered with incredible buildings, the one on the right is one of the studios, done right!

Two of my favorite painters and hey they snuck out early before the rest of us that morning to get it started!  

My ferry dock painting.  A very memorable night, A very memorable week!
"Beach Club - Madeline Island"
8x10 oil on panel - sold-

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