Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Lovely Tuscan Tree

"Lovely Tuscan Tree"
11x14 oil on canvas board

Almost one year ago I traveled to Tuscany Italy where I taught an 8 day plein air workshop.  Before arriving in Tuscany my daughter and I took an extra week to visit and travel through Rome and Florence.  It was my third time traveling to Italy to teach and paint.  Italy is one of those places that I have been where it feels like home to me, so comfortable and so beautiful and full of inspiration!  I always tell my students that it's life's experiences that brings richness to the canvas, not just technical knowledge (although very important as well).  Having the experience of being in Italy, breathing the air, eating the food, hearing the sounds and absorbing the sights through our eyes richness the soul of the artist.  This experience will never leave me and as time goes by it seems to rich en.  So, one year later I am now painting my memories and experiences of this life enriching trip.  "Lovely Tuscan Tree" is my recent studio piece of this Lovely Tuscan Tree overlooking Sienna.  I loved and will forever remember the beautiful weight and form of this tree and it gracefully opposed the distant cool blue recession.  
Good news!  This painting will be traveling to The Small Works Show at the Bennington Center Of Arts in Bennington Vermont.  I'm hoping to make it to the opening of this show in June, 2013.  


David Cressman said...

A lovely tree indeed. Great colour harmonies, even the sky has a slight green tint, ncely done!

Kami Mendlik - Polzin said...

Thanks David, I appreciate your comment. Love the harmony nature provides us. The subtleties are just exquisite, it never stops amazing me! :)

Donald Lewis said...

Beautiful painting! I am so excited to visit Italy this fall! I can't wait to immerse myself in cultural attractions which, as a painter myself, I will have plenty of time to practice what I love. I just need to search for some Villas for Rent in Tuscany to make sure I have a great place to stay, located within the heart of Tuscany!