Sunday, July 14, 2013

Inspiration On The Island!

I just returned home from a week long trip on Madeline Island WI where I taught a 5 day Plein air workshop, painted, and brought my two teenage kids (13 and 14 ages)  and each a friend to create some warm summer memories!  Seems kinda crazy when I see it in writing, :)  but it was all good!  Actually, much better than 'good', it was inspiring!  Madeline Island School Of Art provides the perfect palette of hospitality for painters to completely engross themselves in inspiration and productivity.  

My students capturing the shapes and colors of the lagoon from Town Park early in the week

The ferry docks looking towards the 'mainland'

On my way out at 4:45 AM, yup that's right!  We did a 'sunrise' painting one day

My two biggest critics, my son Nick eating his ice cream cone and his friend Brandan 

My view hiking into the sunrise. . . I spotted an early bird photographer hard at work already!  Wonder if she knew she herself was 'art' :)

 . . . and the sun comes up

 . . . .the half of my class that decided to show up to experience this incredible morning

6:00 AM, painting number 2 of the day!  no joke!

 . . . me working to capture early morning light before our 7:00 breakfast. . . . 

   .  . . next day . . .painters working in the afternoon light, I just love painters!

down at the beach standing in the shade catching the colors of high key light

is that Monet??  :)  oh, no it's his look alike!  :)  

evenings were filled with family and friends enjoying the flavors of the island, life is good!

not only water and beach scenes but also lovely meadows and prairies right from the MISA school grounds
my 'crew' all cleaned up and ready for a much earned lasagna dinner in the barn

Me and my girls!  Paige and her friend Olivia watched me paint my evening demo for my class, ice cream was the  next stop!
Thanks to my awesome students for working hard and being a constant inspiration on my journey as a painter!  
my Wednesday evening demo from the ferry docks looking in, sold.  

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