Monday, April 12, 2010

April En Plein Air!

"Water Grasses"
6x8 oil on linen board
"April Sunday"
11x14 oil on linen panel

It was wonderful to get out and paint this past weekend! We've had an incredible spring so far here in Minnesota. I went painting with Marc the past couple of days. The smaller 6x8 was done on Saturday in WI by a trout hatchery, beautiful place with tons of wildlife all around. The Sunday morning pond piece was done at my Dad's, just North of Stillwater on the beaver dam I grew up on. After a couple hours with a slow start while my Dad visited us while we painted, he discovered my Canon Rebel with all my extra lenses I had in the bag and I sent him off on a photo shoot! :) I finally scraped my first painting and started a new one (11x14 above) I only had about an hour to do this 11x14 so I made a decision to only use my palette knife to paint this one. So, here you have it, palette knife painting. Fun to try once in a while!


liz wiltzen said...

These are great Kami, especiallly April Sunday. Hard to imagine how you did that whole piece with a palette knife (as it is a foreign object o me other than cleaning my palette with it), but I had my nose right up to the computer screen trying to learn. Really pretty painting, thanks for sharing it!

Kami Polzin said...

Thanks Liz! I don't typically do an entire painting with the palette knife, it was some what of an experiment after the frustration of the first one I wiped. I have my classes do palette knife sketches alot however! It's really good for keeping clean color and it's so incredible what you can do with the knife, even the most subtle notes. I'm not sure if you can see from the photo but on the large tree on the left, I painted in the sky around the tree that I left as raw cancas tone coming though and painted the sky as a negative shape, never painting the positive shape of the tree. A fun experiment with interesting texture!
I'm sure you know this but if you double click on the image it brings blog photos up LARGE! :)
Happy Painting! -Kami

liz wiltzen said...

Thanks for expanding on this piece Kami, I had a look at it again after reading your post and understood it further, didn't realize you could get such great textural effects with a palette knife, very cool.