Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tuesday Color Temperature Class

I teach two classes weekly in my studio, one on Monday evenings and one on Tuesday days. This is a photo of my class from today working on an exercise I came up with a couple of years ago to help painters develop their eye for color temperature and how to identify the color they see in front of them by asking themselves a logical series of questions to work through making the color they see. First, what is the prodomenent color they see chosing from yellow, red and blue. Is it lighter or darker than the color they are attempting to mix? Now, is it Cooler or Warmer? They are only allowed to use a simple palette of yellow, red, blue and white to match the subtle variations of colors I have mixed and they have to match exactly.
There are many small steps between the very basics I shared above but it gives an idea of the concept of identifying and mixing colors. It was really fun today to see the painters who have done this excersize with me in the past and how much further they got this time than last semester! Very rewarding! Great job painters! :)

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