Friday, July 5, 2013


"Garden Peonies"
18x22 oil on linen

Once again, another year and time to paint the peonies!  Each year around this time I'm chompin at the bit for the white peonies to open so I can paint them.  This year they were a month behind usual blooming time and the blossoms were acting kinda funny.  This piece was my third attempt at capturing this yearly event for me.  The first two attempts were scrapped by the second day because when I came back for a second sitting on my paintings the peonies were completely melted and petal-less!  Every single petal was on the table top!  Finally my own garden peonies opened, I cut them myself the same morning, headed to the studio, arranged the setting and painted for two days until this painting was born.  Now I'm packing and heading to Madeline Island where I am teaching a workshop for 5 days.  Can't wait!  


Susan Roux said...

These are very lovely! I'm happy you were persistent and continued to try to capture them before they were petals on a table! YOu captured a nice emotion in them.

Kami Mendlik - Polzin said...

thanks so much Susan!

suzannepaints said...

This is a beautiful painting. Love the color you felt in these peonies. Rich and warm.