Saturday, June 27, 2009

Workshop Demo

"Morning Appreciation"
8x10 Oil On Board
(morning workshop demo of St Croix)
The past 3 days I've been teaching my "3 Day Plein Air" workshop down on the St Croix River near my home. What an amazing few days! I had the privilege of working with some very eager, motivated and inspired painters, what a treat! We dodged the rain and ended up with gorgeous weather. If it weren't for being near the cold springs and cooled by the sandstone it would have been too hot to be out that long, but with the river's cooling elements near by it was perfect. :)
Above is my demo I did on day 2. The colors in the original are not nearly as garish so please over look that. I'm having real issues with photography lately. . . . am working on that one! But at least you get the idea.

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Solvay said...

....always love the daring departures, no matter what. I actually said, "Whoa!" when this popped up on the screen. Risks!!! - the kind that don't hurt yourself or anyone - are always worthy of applause! Here's to you!