Monday, July 13, 2009

" Lily Pad Path"
9x12 Oil On Linen Board
This is on of my favorite places to paint, the beaver dam behind my Dad's place where I grew up. There's a little platform they build out there when I was a kid for the hunters to duck hunt from. I stand on it to paint and get a great perspective. The afternoon I painted this piece it was so windy I had my 9 year old son Nick sitting under my tripod holding it down so it wouldn't blow over on me. The wind along with Nick asking every 5 minutes if I was done yet made this a 'fresh' painting , quick and honest! :)
I'm currently working on a large studio piece from this study.


Erik said...

'Is it done yet?'
Haha, very funny. I'm amazed that it's not even shorter than that, kids have such a short attention span. Great painting by the way.

Kami Polzin said...

Thanks Erik. You wouldn't have believed the colors! I still see them vividly in my mind.
Yes, kids do have a short attention span, that's for sure! He was all ready to fish that day and decided that he didn't feel like it so I gave him a job. :) holding the tripod!