Monday, July 13, 2009

Cabin Painting

"Metallic Waters"
Oil On Board 6x8
I painted this on Friday evening at my family's cabin. The kids and I were down at the lake when the sky turned into this amazing pink. I was not even set up to paint, so ran and grabbed my painting stuff and mixed the color I saw as quickly as possible. It was truly amazing to witness such beauty! While I painted at the end of the dock the kids swam with complete excitement to what was happening in the sky. :)


Solvay said...

I've been a bit FB lazy, these days, but paintings show up so much better, here, on the blogs - why is that?
Anyway, this painting's palette reminds me of one Marc did of last summer - those two paintings he did at the end of is so evocative of late July....anyway, this one of yours brought that one to mind. I like it a lot. You seem freer with your brush in this one - and the other one you have on FB that isn't here. It's very lovely.

Kami Polzin said...

Hi Solvay, I think the resolution is better on the blogs. I agree!
Thanks for the comment on my paintings, I'm not sure what's happening with me and my work. I think we're in a constant process of growth though with our work and it seems others can see it more easily than the artist herself at times. so, I always enjoy hearing what others views on our work. :)