Thursday, July 30, 2009

Door County Plein Air Festival

"Sunlit Trellis"
This piece was done Thursday afternoon at Edgewood Orchards Gallery, a beautiful gallery with stunning grounds! I along with several other artists were scheduled to 'do' our 'demos' there -PAINT. We had the opportunity to paint the gallery's beautiful gardens while people had the opportunity to walk around and watch us paint. This is what I chose to paint, and no it is NOT Italy. :) It's Door County WI believe it or not! :) We met some very nice people as well!
"A Quiet Spot"
A quiet spot for ME! This piece was done on Thursday later in the afternoon. By this time of the week (and the 10th painting we had done in 4 days) I was ready for a quiet spot and I found it hiding on the side of the road, Marc was painting across on the bay. I tucked myself away in the ditch looking at this sweet little piece of water. I met a friendly golden lab puppy and his owner who happened to proudly own this piece of land, but besides them I was well hidden and found great tranquility in the comfort of this water.

"Pink Door Alley"
This was a really fun piece to paint! It was done on Saturday, the last day of the event during the 'quick paint', held in Fish Creek. Those of us featured painters along with anyone else who wanted to participate in painting, were to paint from 9:00-11:00. The horns would sound at 9 and 11, brushes down! The town was FULL of spectators walking around watching the painters work and at the end of the 'quick paint' the featured artists had 30 minutes to get there paintings framed and to the central park area where there was a live auction on each of the 40 paintings. It was going beautifully until the black storm clouds came rolling in and half the auction (including my piece) was postponed until later that evening at the Peninsula school. All was well! :)
"Peninsula State Park"
This piece was painted on Tuesday evening from the Peninsula State Park. It's an amazing park with SO much to paint. The night was much more subtle than we had hoped but it ended up being interesting with all the sale boats across the way. This was the first time I had ever painted sale boats. It was nice to have the vertical lines breaking up the horizontal land and water masses.
"Anderson Dock Ephraim"
This was painted in the quaint town of Ephraim on Wednesday evening with all the 39 other painters. It was a publicized event called "Evening With The Artists" where people were free to walk around and watch us paint from Anderson's Dock. It was a gorgeous evening and fun to meet so many interested people!

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