Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Little Blue Bowl

"Little Blue Bowl"
18x24 Oil On Linen Panel
This is a piece I just finished for my show coming up on November 6th at the My Studio in Stillwater. I love the hydrangea plant and am always excited at the end of the summer to paint this flower! They are a challenging plant to paint with all the tiny little petals in each head and the beautiful feeling of air in each bunch. My goal is always to just indicate their character with brush work and NOT to paint all the tiny petals.
I was on a time limit for sure with this one, the leaves poop out in about a day so it was crucial to get them in first. I really liked how the weight of the flowers seem to rest on the leaves. I found that an 18x24 was a bit 'ambitious' lets say for working from life. . . but once I got in the flowers I got to paint the "Little Blue Bowl"! :)

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Judy P. said...

hello Kami- beautiful hydrangeas! I just finished an oil with a hydrangea in it; looking at yours will help me critique my own (I already see that I was thinking too much about local color, and not utilizing all the reflected color, as in your lovely painting).
Too much to remember, but I'll keep plugging along- again, great painting!