Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"Purple Loosestrife Meadow"

oil on linen panel
A perfect place to paint on a perfect autumn evening. The color almost seems crazy to me that it would be so vibrant, but IT WAS! :) Very rich and almost hard to believe when painting it but I think it could have been even more chromatic. . . . the purple loosestrife looked purple when we set up to paint but by the time I actually got to putting it in on my painting the light was so rich, it had turned more red. Well, it was beautiful to see either way!


Mom Weitz said...


I love seeing your beautiful paintings! I log on to you through Stacy's Blog. Love ~ Aunt Robbi

Kami Polzin said...

Oh Aunt Robbi! It's so nice to know that. :) Thank you for leaving a note! I miss you guys and hope you are well. I think I need to come out and paint Montana! :) Lots of love, Kami