Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Some Late August Painting

"Evening Light On William O'Brien"
11x14 Oil On Linen Panel
This is a beautiful place on the St Croix to paint. I taught a workshop here a couple of weeks ago and was so inspired after the workshop that I had to go back again and paint it after it was over. I love the evening light down here and the kayakers and canoers were coming in right around the corner from me. We had a LOT of rain this past week so the water was very high which was nice, the current was a bit stronger.
"Fields Looking Over the Valley"
11x14 Oil On Linen Panel
This is a great spot high up overlooking the river valley. The smell of the fresh cut fields was in the summer air!

"Evening Light On the St Croix"
6x16 Oil On Linen Panel
Can you believe that my dear friend Barb gets to see this view from her living room window every day!? :) I LOVE LOVE this view and her place in Marine on The St Croix. I'm so fortunate to have friends with such views.
"A Bountiful Harvest"
11x14 Oil On Linen
I remember my Dad planting this tree when I was 5 years old, now my kids pick and eat the apples! It's kind of a quirky old tree but I like it!


Marc R. Hanson said...

A great week of painting for you Kami! Love them. :-)

Kami Polzin said...

Thanks Marc!

AnnG said...

All of them are very nice...I especially love "Evening Light on the St. Croix". You can really feel the evening sun in that one. I hope you're enjoying the late summer painting - there's so much to offer in terms of light and color, even before fall arrives! I'm finally to the point where I can paint a number of plein air paintings in a week now that my kids are in school all day. I'm looking forward to painting the colors of fall, and seeing what you post as well. Take care.

Kami Polzin said...

Hi Ann
Thanks so much for checking in! My kids go back to school next week, I'm really looking forward to that! :) I've been sneaking out here and there to paint but can't wait to have an entire day with no interuptions. Fall is a wonderful time for beautiful light. I especially love this time of year as the light is more and more rich. Enjoy painting, Kami

Ben Bauer said...


the criox view is very well done, love the reflection on the water of the clouds we cannot beat the weather here in Sota as of the late can we!!

Angela B said...


Your bountiful harvest is Spectacular!

I love the shadows on the grass . This painting is such a memory of time gone by for not just you, but for those of us who grew up on farms and in nature.. You just don't see these wonderful trees around like we did as children. This painting is so vibrant and alive!
Beautiful painting.
Angela B